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Perseverance: If you have read my previous blog, you’d recall it was about cramming two days into one (18 hour work days) and that this was not an easy situation to plan.

You may have to vary the timing on certain days in order for it to work effectively; but you must persevere at establishing this routine, to preserve your sanity and importantly…to get through the two days in one day. 

This requires dexterity and time to develop and it has been my experience that if you persist at the task, the rewards are usually very satisfactory.

Let me digress a little.

As some of you may know, I love the sport of rowing, as does my immediate family; my wife and son are exceptionally good at it (my wife was a dual Gold medal winner at the Masters World Championships in Ballarat last year) and I coach the sport at introductory level.

In this sport, one strong factor stands out alone and that is the time/effort relationship required to achieve successful outcomes.

In and around our rowing shed, there are numerous developing and elite rowers, including Olympic and World Champion medallists and they all have one thing in common:

They never give up! Never, not ever!

For these special people, there is literally no alternative – not even broken ribs (which are not un-common in the sport)

Their work ethic is specifically developed to achieve at high levels and their training & performance in all types of environments and weather conditions is built around their capacity to achieve at those levels; so, how high?

According to expert coaches around the world; it takes approximately 10,000hrs of intense technical and physical rowing to win an Olympic and/or World gold medal and with boats, especially senior men’s eights travelling at full speeds of approximately 5/10metres per second (depending on weather and wind conditions) the finiteness of the rowing stoke & its delivery, comes down to millimetres, literally.

Watch this amazing YouTube clip.

The level of training and achievement appears to be super-human in its intensity and requires unbelievable amounts of perseverance & commitment

Back to the beginning:

In business, a team takes time to settle into a cohesive group before detailed training collectively brings them to a well-balanced and finite unit, capable of channelling all their energy into a final and successful outcome.

That’s what business is all about and the trigger in that equation is persistence and training

Food for thought?

Catch up soon!

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