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Restaurant Industry Award 2010 (RIA) – Changes

Members should be aware of the Restaurant Industry Award 2010 (RIA) changes that have come into effect from the beginning of 2015.

District Allowances
Clause 25.2 of the RIA specifies allowances in certain regional
areas to employees. This ceased on 31st December 2014.

The RIA states that it is no longer a requirement for businesses in areas specified under the Award to pay this allowance after this date however, an employee who suffers a reduction in take home pay as a result of no longer receiving this allowance may make an application for a “Take Home Pay Order”.

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If you require further information on the changes regarding the Restaurant Industry Award 2010 (RIA), please contact the AHA Workplace Relations team on 08 9321 7701.

Dalton Ryan
Senior Employment & IR Advisor

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